Top 3 Sex Positions You Should Try After Pregnancy

They say that things changes after pregnancy- and what it means is that your sex life will go through a lot of changes. The different kind of positions you used to enjoy in bed might not impress you anymore after pregnancy.

The reason is that your anatomy goes through a lot of changes. In case, if you had a challenging vaginal delivery, then it will take some time to heal. This means that women can only start her sex life after some time. The vagina becomes a little tighter and narrower.

sex after pregnancy

On the other hand, there are many women who experience the exact opposite things after giving birth to a child. Pelvic floor losses a lot, and tissues also go through a stretch. However, you don’t need to worry as things will be normal after some time. A lot of women also experience dryness issues- and this is also one of the major problems experienced by women in their sex life.

So even when you have never used it, you may also have to use lube to make your sex life happening. What this exactly mean? Your most easy position may not be interesting anymore. Speak to your doctor about whether you should get engaged in intercourse or not. Try experimenting with different positions in your bed. However, you should comfortable with all the positions you try. Make sure to get the right pleasure for the right position.

Most of the times, it is being said that women get the maximum pleasure on the top because they can easily control the penetration. Therefore, you should try that position to know whether you enjoy that or not.

According to the experts, every woman is different-and they behave differently when they’re in bed. To make your sex life more happening, here are the following positions you should try.

If you would like to try penetration after pregnancy, experiment with the top position. REVERSE COWGIRL is one of the best ways to get the clitoral access while women always get the opportunity to control the rhythm and depth.

In case, if you don’t like the top position or not comfortable with it, then you should try the FRISKY FLIP POSITION. This position helps you to relax.

After pregnancy, you should try new things slowly. Go for the side-to-side position which can help you enjoy great sex.

All the best!

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