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V Tight Gel Canada FAQ

The following are the most frequently asked questions on our website V Tight Gel Canada.

What are the active ingredients in V Tight gel Canada?

The V-Tight gel is composed of all natural ingredients derived from plant sources. V Tight gel countains following ingredients.

1. Manjakani
2. Witch Hazel
3. Arginine.
4. Sodium PCA.
5. Sodium Benzoate.
6. Citric Acid.

What is the cost of V Tight Gel?

V-Tight gel is pretty inexpensive.

Do you have customer reviews of V-Tight Gel?

Yes, you can visit our reviews page to know more about reviews of V Tight Gel.

Is V Tight Gel approved by FDA?

Yes, all of our products are FDA Approved.

What are some benefits of V Tight Gel?

V Tight gel Canada will help you achieve a tighter vagina safely and in a natural way. This product has been thoroughly tested for the best possible results.

How to use V Tight Gel?

Applying V-Tight gel is easy. It is available in the form of convenient colourless and odourless cream. Here are the steps to apply v-tight gel vagina tightening cream. 

1. Make sure your hands are clean. 
2. Squeeze a small amount of gel (about pea sized) on your fingertips. 
3. Apply the gel on the inner walls of your vagina by inserting it gently into the vaginal opening. 
4. Gently Massage the gel onto the walls of your vagina. 

That's it. In just few minutes, you will start to feel tighter. It is most effective if applied just before the intercourse. You can use it with condoms and no lubricant is needed along with it. 

Is V Tight Gel available on Ebay/Amazon?

Yes, you can find lot of re-sellers on Amazon/Ebay. You are recommended to only buy from the official website.

Where can I buy V Tight gel in Canada?

You can place an order on the official website

Where can I buy V-Tight gel in other countries?

You can buy V Tight Gel in other countries from the official website in this link.


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